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InterraIT has been a leader in the Information Technology Industry since its founding in 1996. The company is a Global IT Consulting and Software Services organization that delivers innovative business and technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Headquartered in California, InterraIT’s operations are spread across 5 countries, with a sales network spanning the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Japan.

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InterraIT’s Enterprise Mobility Solution (IEMS) is an integrated end-to-end Mobile Solution. It streamlines and mobilizes manual business processes making real time information available at the click of a button. With our extensive experience, we plan and implement cost effective mobility initiatives that boost productivity and enhances user experiences.

IEMS not only gives access to critical data and applications to the mobile workforce but also secures and integrates data from the field. It minimizes data errors and gives faster response time. InterraIT’s EMS proven solution results to increased ROI and a competitive advantage.

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InterraIT is a leading Outsourced Product Development and Product Engineering company. Our end-to-end product lifecycle services include Product Development, Enhancement, Migration, Maintenance, Reengineering, Management, Testing and Support.

Our OPD services span across wide industry verticals.

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InterraIT’s ITSM/ITIL process services ensure clients gain more control over service quality, costs and operational efficiency with IT Service Management experts who have solved thousands of IT challenges at huge corporations. This results in maximizing business value through improved IT service delivery and improved workforce focus on what they do best. InterraIT’s consultants refresh IT functions through process analysis, design and continuous improvement in order to convert to a ‘best practices’ operating environment.

Enterprise mobile applications


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InterraIT’s Cloud Computing offerings include both consulting and services that enable enterprises to adopt the Cloud Computing platform efficiently. InterraIT’s Cloud Computing is the right solution to your IT needs when it comes to increasing capacity or adding new capabilities without investing in technology, training, resources and licensing.

We offer a Cloud Computing stack comprising application frameworks, platform and tools. InterraIT has in-depth knowledge and expertise of cloud computing technologies.

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[formlightbox_call title="Supply Chain Integration & Inventory Optimization" class="8"]Supply Chain Integration & Inventory Optimization[/formlightbox_call]
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InterraIT provides robust Supply Chain Management solutions making our client’s business network more agile and seamless. InterraIT’s SCM service works with clients across diverse industries to develop operational strategies and high performance. We leverage global skills in supply chain strategy, forecasting and replenishment, transportation management, sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning and manufacturing and design.

InterraIT offers a complete supply and demand chain specialized suite with depth and breadth of capabilities that compliments our client’s IT services. We believe in maximizing return on assets through optimization.

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InterraIT offers Big Data Analytics solutions that help Organizations capitalize on the huge potential that Big Data brings to the table. It transforms the entire knowledge landscape within the firm and provides actionable insights from their data.

The disparate variety of data available today from different sources including Social networking, customer data, industry lists, forums, printer logs, images, audio and video streams is captured and analyzed. But due to the size and nature of data available traditional models of data analysis become redundant. Hence a new approach based on Big Data Analytics is adopted.


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