Mobility Solutions for the HR

The convenience and functionality abundance provided by mobile applications cannot be ignored. Most of the employees use their personal mobile computing devices for official emails and other responsibilities like content management, project data analysis etc. The HR department has not remained untouched with this trend. The adoption of mobile based applications for payroll management, employee..

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Business Value through Service Now platform

IT organizations commonly face this issue of integrating multiple business applications based on disparate systems. Ideally, flow of data across these applications should be seamless but is hardly possible due to different data models and technologies. Service Now service automation platform makes it possible by inculcating ITSM methodologies through an efficient platform which keeps processes,..

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Cloud based Testing – Challenges

Despite of the fact that Cloud testing offers test efficiency and better results, there are operational limitations associated with it. While reaping the benefits cloud testing infrastructure offers, QA teams need to manage certain challenges that cloud testing poses. Some of the key challenges faced are mentioned below:  Security issues: Even though cloud services..

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InterraIT mret@il empowering “Consumer Retail Environment”

The pace of business in the retail sector is never-ending. Retail companies want to deal with improved profitability and exceed customer expectations. Research shows that consumers want to do pre-purchase research before taking any decision. The rise in adoption of Smartphone provides an effective channel to reach out to customer in effective manner. Retailers must..

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Big Data and Fraud Analytics

With the rapid pace of technology, the crimes and frauds being committed on a more organized way are rapidly gaining pace. Organizations end up paying a huge cost in economic terms as well as irreversible reputation damages are caused. Since organizations especially banks and financial entities have become more comfortable while adopting cloud and mobile..

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Key tips for Mobile test Automation

Since the mobile arena is more fragmented than the usual desktop platforms due to a wide availability of mobile devices, operating systems and the supporting environment a broader approach to mobile test automation should be taken. It is important that we test apps on not just a few devices rather on all the device platforms..

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Engage customers through retail applications

Mobile applications for the retail industry are being widely implemented to draw eyeballs, increase conversions and develop brand awareness. Retailers want to excite end users and in turn want to keep them interested in their applications and products. The key tips to be borne in mind while developing retail applications include giving incentives to the..

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Cleanse data before starting a Big Data project

Big Data projects are being widely implemented in IT scenarios with huge and varied data sets. Big Data and other associated offerings like predictive analytics work on disparate data sets but the basic requirement for these IT efforts remain clean data. This is overlooked quite often by IT leaders in a hurry to get on..

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Using Data Warehouses Rightly

Even though Business Intelligence as a technology has been there for long but a lot many companies are still unable to derive substantial benefits from it. A common reason why IT teams fail to derive much needed benefits from BI infrastructure is the inability to use data warehouses correctly. Since data within a data warehouse..

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Vendor Management Solution

Vendor management solutions are quite useful for managers handling a list of vendors or have huge manufacturing and logistics duties to be executed through multiple service providers. The automated vendor solution removes the pain areas like lack of accuracy, time consumption and tracking inability associated with the manual processes. InterraIT has recently developed an application..

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