Fueling the API Economy in 2015

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are nothing new. Their growth emanates from a basic need – that is, to capture and share information between different elements. The interest in APIs has evolved from a technical need to that of a business priority. Furthermore, various technological and social innovations over the years have led to a..

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Why should retailers go mobile?

Consumers are moving from web interfaces to mobile interfaces. From searching, information gathering to transaction completion, consumers are doing it all on mobile. Consumers are using mobile for a number of activities hence providing retailers with multiple applications or contact points where they can engage the customers meaningfully.   The key benefits of mobility applications..

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Digital Economy – IT for Banks

With advancements in the mobility and cloud technologies, digital progression of industries is bound to happen. Also with availability of smarter mobile devices and easier access to cloud services, consumers seem to demand a content rich and round the clock digital experience from their banks and any other service they use.   The financial services..

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Software Product releases

Every software product no matter how popular it is depends on subsequent releases to ensure increasing revenues and popularity among end users. Software Product Companies need to launch newer products to counter competition but it is a stream of successful product releases that they thrive upon. As the number of products and releases for a..

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Cloud Computing: Utilizing the hybrid cloud model

Following a hybrid cloud model helps firms to derive the benefits of private & public clouds and overcome the disadvantages as well. The hybrid model provides the IT managers the opportunity to decide what stays within the private cloud and what could well be derived from the public cloud. Public clouds help make cloud computing..

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Enterprise Mobility- Key components

Enterprise Mobility: Key components

Enterprise mobility has been evolving at a fast pace. Mobile device management (MDM) when initially launched was considered as the holy grail for confronting the security challenges posed by mobile devices. MDM enabled locking down of features on a mobile device and it was assumed this could completely secure the device from data breach. Later..

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Big data analytics for Healthcare

Big Data for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been aggregating decades of data and research documents within medical databases and the US government has been pushing the agenda of electronic medical records for some time now. But collating all the data from different clinical trials, patient history from hospitals and insurance companies and putting this data to use through..

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions

Talking about enterprise IT draws a lot of interest towards mobility and how it has transformed the IT infrastructure inside businesses big and small. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) has been generating a lot of interest particularly because of the growth of BYOD trend, increasingly remote and mobile employees and the associated security threats that come..

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Reasons for Implementing Big Data

Big Data cannot be mistaken as just another passing fad in the tech industry. It really is a technology which has and will continue to change the way we manage, store and consume data hence giving way to insightful and better decisions affecting businesses worldwide. The key reasons why Big Data is transforming decision making..

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Aligning the Enterprise IT to IoT

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), businesses have become hugely interested in making supply chains, industrial machines and operations more connected and responsive. Firms are working on building relevant technology blocks which can support such ideas. In order to transform their business and make it the industrial internet driven responsive machine, organizations need..

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