Integrating SaaS with on-premise applications

With increased adoption of SaaS offerings, IT leaders need to work a plan to integrate SaaS offerings with their on-premise or home grown applications. This is essential since businesses might not want to transfer all their processes or applications to the cloud. They may decide to have a mix of cloud based datacenters, co-located and..

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Sensor technology for the Enterprise

With increasing advancements in the BI and analytics arena, businesses seem to be in a haste of capturing and analyzing data from various business processes and activities. Sensor technology could play a vital role in helping enterprises discover data or business information at low cost and divulging key insights for better decision making. Sensors can..

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Emerging Trends in the FinTech Industry

For the financial technology (fintech) industry, 2014 was a big year. New technologies and platforms (such as Apple Pay) were introduced, altering the way financial products and services are delivered. In addition, last year saw an enormous influx of venture capital streaming in. The fourth quarter of 2014 was extremely busy, with over 210 deals..

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Mobility Challenges for Enterprise IT

With the onset of mobile apps within the enterprise space and evolution of newer platforms and devices at a rapid pace, management of mobile applications have become a fundamental challenge for enterprise IT. Earlier the design, conceptualization and development of applications within the enterprise space were driven by the policies of the IT department. However..

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Developing mobile apps in-house

With the proliferation of mobile devices and increased availability of advanced mobile apps on App Stores, the target audience (employees) for Enterprise apps has become used to a lot of convenience in their personal lives because of the functionalities offered to them by iOS/Android apps. Since these employees have been provided with the best possible..

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Load testing on the cloud

Testing a web application within your own network is not as rigorous for the application as testing from a real cloud. The simulated traffic generated from within your own network would have direct access to the application and may result in biased response times. However once your web application or site turns live it’ll receive..

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Key trends in technology Outsourcing for 2015

IT outsourcing has evolved over the years and has lately followed a hybrid model. The emphasis is on low cost consulting, in house capability integration, stricter governance and significant deals which are outcome based. The year 2015 could see major developments in IT outsourcing with more deals being worked on fact based models and centered..

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Cloud Computing vs physical servers

You might have heard this question more than often across the technology world. Since increasing number of startups and enterprises seem eager to use cloud services instead of conventional server architecture, this trend was bound to be discussed more frequently. Is the IT industry phasing out dedicated server hosting to give way to Cloud solutions?..

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Implementing Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility has widely affected the way enterprises are conducting their business operations globally. It has proved to be a competitive advantage for fast changing, information driven global business scenario. The management needs to make sure that they look at mobility from a strategic point of view rather than being tactical about it and look..

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ITSM: Business Benefits

ITSM or IT Services Management involves the planning, provisioning and management of IT services within a firm bringing it in alignment with the core business processes of the company. ITSM helps in improving the productivity of IT processes that are considered as a ‘service’ which acts as a business enabler or part of the business..

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