Utilizing Test Automation Efficiently

With automation becoming quite popular within the QA community and more and more people resorting to efficient automation tools to increase their testing coverage, it is only natural to work more on the quality of automation and make sure that the tests fail less often. We’d discuss here the key techniques to be taken note..

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Understanding Big Data

Big data is not something magical. A lot of business users and decision makers wonder as to what big data is and how they can access that information. It is essential for them to realize that it is already around them. With multiple streams of communication including better devices and access to social media firms..

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Build an Enterprise App Store

The internal enterprise app store has become a necessity lately for most firms trying to adapt mobility solutions completely within the enterprise IT infrastructure. Though the initial idea of an internal app store was to provide a platform for employees to access the internal enterprise apps but it has now grown to include the public..

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Making mobile marketing work for you

Mobile marketing has become quite relevant today with the ever increasing base of smartphones and tablets. According to a recent report there are more mobile phones worldwide than the number of toothbrushes. With such a scale, customers and marketers alike should get ready to face a deluge of commerce and marketing opportunities especially for retail..

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Improve customer retention through Enterprise Mobility

Organizations which have decent field service volumes are adopting enterprise mobility to improve customer services and attainment of business goals especially in today’s competitive market where it is quite challenging to compete on product features or pricing alone. Intelligent organizations clearly understand that it is remarkable service delivery that helps them stand out from the..

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The right approach to cloud computing

Cloud computing, beyond doubt, has arrived on the technology scene as the next big thing. But amidst this hype it is essential to identify the basic value it offers. Firstly, Software-as-a-Service offerings have been the best contributions of cloud computing. Whatever application it is, be it a CRM or a payroll system, delivering these applications..

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How to determine your Mobile Strategy

With proliferation of mobility technologies and the platforms, there seems to be a definite change in how the enterprises look at mobility before implementing their mobility strategies. Better technologies have lowered the costs and time involved in mobilizing key functions in the business processes and hence increased the ROI for the business. Newer technologies enable..

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Enterprise Mobility in 2015

With 2014 behind us, enterprise mobility will move to relatively newer directions in 2015. The key trends Enterprise Mobility will head towards in 2015 include the following: Mobility solutions focus more towards platform: Enterprise mobility initiatives will move towards development of mature platforms which define underlying architectures that result in easier development of mobile apps..

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IaaS Knowing it rightly

The Cloud Computing euphoria has now paved way for many organizations accepting IaaS as a part of their IT portfolio but not without its set of problems and doubts. Many of these perceived issues are because of the myths that keep surrounding the Cloud Computing market. The most common myths that IT teams battle with..

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Big Data Analytics for operational data explosion

With massive IT infrastructure deployed across organizations, IT systems generate enormous data through operational activity every minute, every day of the year. Key data variables involve – user responses, application performance logs, error messages, incomplete loops and much more. Most IT managers might look at this data explosion as a possible catastrophe in the making,..

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