Analytics for the Energy Services sector

The utility and energy services sector is facing an evolving marketplace where the businesses need to integrate alternative energy options, expand awareness across the system and strengthen their relationship with the clients. Companies need to optimize, compete and succeed on all these counts while delivering affordable and reliable energy to everyone. Companies which harness analytics..

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Hybrid Cloud Model

Following a hybrid cloud model helps firms to derive the benefits of both private & public clouds. The hybrid model provides the IT managers the opportunity to decide what stays within the private cloud and what could well be derived from the public cloud. Public clouds help make cloud computing more accessible to enterprises by..

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Leadership Strategy for Enterprise Mobility

With the increased adoption of Enterprise Mobility across Organizations, it is important that the top management puts in place an intelligent mobility strategy to be followed by the Organization to fully utilize the benefits offered by enterprise mobility. Here is a sample structure that could be followed to develop and deploy an effective mobility leadership..

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Key Business Challenges for ISVs moving to the SaaS model

With the growth of cloud technologies, most ISVs whether startups or established software product companies, are looking forward to move their products on to the cloud. Offering their products on the SaaS model does make clear business sense but this change comes with its set of business challenges. Key challenges that pose a threat to..

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Data Security in Enterprise Mobility

Data security and privacy issues remain the key challenges for internal IT teams while implementing enterprise mobility. With increased implementation of BYOD policies, the enterprise workforce has started to use their personal devices for work. Since these devices are based on a variety of platforms like IoS, Windows, Android etc. enterprise IT teams need to..

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Build customer loyalty with Enterprise Mobility

Organizations which have decent field service volumes are adopting enterprise mobility to improve customer services and attainment of business goals especially in today’s competitive market where it is quite challenging to compete on product features or pricing alone. Intelligent organizations clearly understand that it is remarkable service delivery that helps them stand out from the..

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Why retailers need technology to fulfill evolving customer expectations?

In the current business scenario, customers expect a seamless shopping experience and increased personalization. We operate in an Omni-channel environment with multiple touch points for customer interaction, where it is important to deliver consistent messaging or promotions which add value to the customer experience.   With customers expecting 24 hour service availability, anywhere delivery capability..

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Can Analytics-as-a-Service solve your big data challenges?

Big data has made a huge impact on how data can be used efficiently to bring a change in the business processes and decision making for improved profitability. Data driven business decisions bring competitive advantages and improved results in terms of customer acquisition and satisfaction levels. Organizations want their IT teams to develop competencies to..

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Developing an effective cloud strategy

Moving your corporate data to the cloud becomes an essential requirement when you decide on utilizing the benefits of cloud computing. It is important that the cloud database is managed securely and effectively and an intelligent cloud database strategy is put in place to utilize the business data hosted on the cloud. Cloud based databases..

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Improved Competitive Intelligence through Big Data

Big Data analytics used rightly can help companies deliver improved competitive intelligence for their decision making executives. The idea is to generate more information regarding products and services offered by the competition and the needs and desires of the target audience.   Big Data essentially requires gathering unstructured data from diverse sources which cannot be..

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