Our service offering and solutions across industry verticals are strengthened through collaboration with market-leading technology vendors, niche technology providers and customers. We help our customers reach their goals faster through the right blend of partners combined with unique service offerings and frameworks underpinned by robust governance models. InterraIT partner-led growth strategy optimizes the IT landscape and delivers maximum business results.


InterraIT VC Partner Program

Building a Profitable Business Relationship 

OUR unique market capabilities empower Venture Capitalists in scaling up their ISV/STARTUP investments swiftly. Technology ventures that are “not going to plan” need to be re-looked and presented with the right go-to-market strategies – that’s our core expertise. InterraIT is the most trusted and innovative partner in navigating a successful path for you.


Collaborate to Evolve

Access|| Innovate ||Create

  • Conversion:

Have a number of start-ups with great potential, but an unconvincing market proposition? Rely on us to turn challenges into opportunities. Advance your business proposition and target the right audience through our collaboration.

  • Technical Audit: 

Do you need a technical perspective on a potential investment opportunity? Ask us to review the product and assess the technology architecture for you.

  • Access to our clients/accounts: 

The VC partner program provides our partners access to our global and highly reputed client base. ISV start-ups are exposed to the entire existing account base InterraIT has been servicing for years, which acts as a huge opportunity for them to pitch their applications.

  • Reach new geographies:

Our partner program is designed to provide your investments/ISV start-ups with access to the sales, marketing, and technical support required in developing, integrating and promoting solutions in new markets around the globe. Product and sales training, custom pricing, and ongoing sales support are some of the benefits of the program.

Our Global ISV Partner Program


A strong relationship with InterraIT will empower your business to be “The Next Big Thing in Technology”. Our global ISV initiative builds on our unique market capabilities to help software partners build more business-relevant solutions faster and exploit new opportunities sooner.

InterraIT ISV Partner program provides resources, expertise, and training to help you reach new markets and grow your business with us. Validate your technology and enjoy co-branding benefits with the InterraIT ISV Partner program.

InterraIT is a global software services firm that delivers innovative business and technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. With a comprehensive portfolio of IT services and presence in varied verticals like Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics and E-commerce, InterraIT offers distinct expertise in product engineeringenterprise mobility, BI , legacy transformation and emerging technologies like  artificial intelligence, virtualization, big data analytics, and machine learning.

We have developed various proofs of concepts and solutions for diverse industries through in-house centers of excellence, jointly developed with partners. InterraIT acts as a trusted consulting and implementation advisor for large enterprises globally and is proactively leveraging its partners’ capabilities in this journey.

  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Access to InterraIT’s highly satisfied and reputed client base
  • Faster time to market
  • Gain Market recognition
  • Gain Access to Resources

We can connect you with ISVs, resellers and strategic partners to add value to your businesses. Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces implementation risks, and accelerates go-to-market.

InterraIT offers a vast array of resources to help you achieve your specific goals—from marketing, sales enablement, and go-to-market services, to technical support and access to innovation and experience across solution categories.

InterraIT has the technical know-how to validate your application, optimize your infrastructure and scale your solutions.

We are committed to proactive partner enablement over the long term. InterraIT, with its highly qualified and industry recognized leadership team, has a history of identifying market transitions and opportunities early. We address specific client needs as well as develop tools and methods to accelerate the successful deployment of solutions while reducing risks.


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