Organizations are building mobile applications to improve employee productivity and increase sales effectiveness. For this to be done effectively, mobile apps built and accessed by different mobile devices need to be connected with existing enterprise infrastructure or “backend”. Many enterprise IT teams develop their own middleware and integrate their mobile solutions with existing enterprise systems. Mobility applications which are not able to access their backend infrastructure have limited features and cannot improve business processes in a holistic way.

An easier alternative to the home grown or DIY middleware is the cloud based middleware solution which helps enterprise IT to integrate mobile apps with the backend systems. These services are offered by cloud service providers as Backend-as-a-Service and their major benefits include:

  • Better performance: Since cloud providers who provide BaaS services providers have years of experience building middleware solutions and it is their core expertise, they end up providing far more efficient integration solutions for mobile apps and backend infrastructure than enterprise IT teams for whom building middleware is not the core focus.


  • Lower cost of ownership: The development and support costs involved in building and maintaining a middleware is far less from a BaaS provider as compared to the DIY route adopted by enterprise IT teams.


  • Easier and faster deployment: The mobile application can be integrated and deployed in no time if the backend infrastructure can be easily integrated with the app.


  • Improved reliability: Since a BaaS provider can easily scale resources whenever there is a peak in demand, the mobile app performs far better and there are less downtime issues with increased traffic.


The idea is quite simple. For enterprise IT, it makes more sense outsourcing the development and maintenance of the middleware to a vendor who offers it at a reduced cost and has more expertise developing it. As is with other cloud offerings, BaaS is cost effective, reliable, faster and can be scaled depending on the traffic.