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The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Digital Age

For the past decade or so there has been a paradigm shift from analog to digital. Online has now become the go-to platform from where consumers are gaining the maximum information. This has made marketers use the digital platform in order to reach out to their target audience.

The Top Five Chatbot Trends For 2020

It is estimated that by 2020, approximately 85% of interactions that customers will make with businesses will be through chatbots. The reason being that bot helps to get rid of the human weakness of round the clock services.

Monitoring your costs in a multi-cloud environment

Not monitoring the changes in your cloud usage or neglecting over provisioning of resources can start to affect your cloud billing before you take notice. Especially in cases where enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, managing the cloud costs becomes an uphill task.

Making Data Analytics work for your Enterprise - Challenges & Solutions

Managing and deriving business value from a deluge of data is the biggest challenge for enterprises today. Across verticals, businesses are implementing analytics and Big Data to get better at decision making, improving productivity and becoming smarter enterprises.

Enterprise IT trends - Managing IT Services as a Product

With the rapid pace of change in the technology services landscape, CIOs are driving a different IT management approach in enterprises.

Hybrid Cloud Trends in 2018

A Cloud Survey by Tech Target found that 39% of organizations have adopted a hybrid cloud model. The hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the leading cloud solution, as it allows balance. It also provides benefits such as cost efficiency, agility, mobility, and elasticity.

DevOps with vRealize Automation

These days, CI/CD now is essential for achieving a smooth stream of release cycles for developers. An infrastructure to deploy and test the applications is no big deal as architects are using virtualized infrastructure along with automation tools, which automate application delivery and container management.

Let's Talk Microservices

Microservices have become quite popular these days. It is a topic of interest for many businesses, offering faster and agile development of service-based applications.

Let's Talk DevOps

“Everyone” is an engineer. Developers and testers do not work on contradictory paradigms. They are part of the “One” team. These two statements form the basis of a successful DevOps team.

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