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IT for Digital Banking

With advancements in mobility and cloud technologies, the digital progression of industries is bound to happen. Also with the availability of smarter mobile devices and easier access to cloud services, consumers seem to demand a content-rich and round the clock digital experience from their banks and any other service they use.

Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on the Enterprise

Rapid innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart computing technologies has made AI as the most fascinating technology recently. With improved advancement and efforts in building AI technologies, machines are being made more intelligent based on the tenets of cognitive computing.

Can Analytics-as-a-Service solve your big data challenges?

Big data has made a huge impact on how data can be used efficiently to bring a change in the business processes and decision making for improved profitability. Data driven business decisions bring competitive advantages and improved results in terms of customer acquisition and satisfaction levels.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

An effective Business Intelligence solution collates terabytes of operational and transactional data and analyses and organizes it into actionable and interactive reports.

Why retailers need technology to fulfill evolving customer expectations?

In the current business scenario, customers expect a seamless shopping experience and increased personalization. We operate in an Omni-channel environment with multiple touch points for customer interaction, where it is important to deliver consistent messaging or promotions which add value to the customer experience.

Floating on the Hybrid Cloud

According to a leading American IT research firm, almost half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. As cloud adoption continues to rise, so will the number of enterprises with hybrid clouds.

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