Can Cloud computing really make the retail industry more efficient and agile? Well it actually can in a number of ways.

  • Simpler IT infrastructure: Running a retail business and the vast database that is required to be maintained for an equally diverse shopping products and customers is not easy. Latest reports have suggested that a major chunk of their technology investments go in maintaining the current state. This can be drastically reduced by moving to the cloud.

They no longer need to spend a fortune on server costs, IT labor, data centers and equipment costs needed to maintain an entire IT infrastructure. Money thus saved could be diverted in opening new stores, hiring employees or expanding their retail portfolio of products.


  • Mobile POS for customers: Despite of all the technological innovations, customers still have to line up in queues to get their billing done. This is a major drawback in the entire retail experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if customers could hand over their shopping items to clerks with iPads and get their wares billed right away without the painful queue experience?


  • Manage abrupt spikes in business: Retailers don’t utilize their computing capabilities during most part of the year. However when the extra demand turns up during the holiday seasons or the 50% discount days then there should be provisions for adding capability on demand.

Hybrid and public clouds can help retailers face the tide during these days by adding extra capability on demand without any major hiccups.