Augmented reality is an innovative and exciting technology that can greatly influence business applications. Augmented reality enhances the vision of the real world through technology and gives user an opportunity to interact with real or digital objects through an AR app. Even though AR has been in use for a long time primarily in military and high technology areas, with the advent of mobile applications and smartphones loaded with cameras it can be put to use for consumer based retail businesses.

One of the most lucrative segments for it remains fashion retail. Giving consumers the option of visualizing as to how an outfit looks on them and more than that how does the fabric feel and whether it fits perfectly to your body type.

This clearly is the future of the fashion and jewelry retail industry. Augmented reality (AR) will provide the customers the ability to try on clothes, products and jewelry at home without the need to ship them. Augmented reality is a technology which ultimately will provide consumers with the power of smelling and feeling the fabric or products as if they were really available to test.

Now this might sound a bit exaggerated but it’s not. AR technologies overlay a layer of virtual world on top of the real world with the help of a device most commonly smartphones or tablets. Also there are specialty firms which are creating a whole new world of opportunities in the AR arena with unique functionalities and platforms.

Google Glasses, Virtual Mirror are some of the examples of products being used by businesses to entice consumers and engage shoppers to increase retail sales. AR is not just about stimulating customer experience but rather enhancing it to a level where the shopping experience for the customer comes with enhanced sensations hence resulting in greater engagement of the customers.