Business Intelligence helps managers make critical decisions based on insightful or accurate information and not on “gut feel”. This forms the basis of the overarching benefits BI has on offer for firms inundated with large streams of data.

BI systems when rightly conceived and properly implemented help the end users to make informed decisions in every possible scenario covered by the reporting dashboards. Such an arrangement ultimately makes the employees more productive, deliver greater efficiency in the supply chain and generates loyal customers.

Key benefits of Strategic BI include:

  • Productive & empowered managers: The most crucial benefit of BI is that it helps organizations form a highly productive and empowered managerial base who take decisions based on advanced BI reporting dashboards. These tools can be designed with functionalities made available to managers across all levels of the organization resulting in utilization of most timely and focused data.
  • Reduced repetitive work: Companies where there is no BI systems implemented find management of data a very cumbersome task. Due to non-alignment of systems and data disparity data has to be manually collated and put into perspective to make informative decisions. The BI systems on the other hand synchronize different data sources and provide a far simpler view of the entire data set.
  • Easily generate functional reports: Because of the ability of BI systems to aggregate diverse data sets and functional information into meaningful information database, it becomes quite easier for the end users to generated customer, financial or vendor reports based on their requirements through simple reporting dashboards.
  • Quick response to changing business needs: With advanced BI systems in place, it becomes easier for the management to track changing customer buying habits, inventory requirements or changing supply chain factors which might affect business.

This information can be easily generated in graphical format with easier access and divert attention to the future trends most useful for the success of the business.