The biggest challenge while putting Big Data to use in sales analytics, is addressing the right questions. A lot of Sales Managers think that Big Data would offer the solution to improve their sales performance and unveil the information required to take action. It will only provide a solution if we apply the right data to the right questions we pose. We don’t suffer from a deficit of information rather there is a paucity of insight which needs to be taken care off.
Hence Big Data efforts should be directed towards applying the right context to given business problems and reveal insights that help improve performance. The idea should not be to gather more information rather to utilize existing data in the correct context. If we overlook this aspect and use Big data to yield results correlated to existing data, we might end up deducing insights which could prove fatal to the decision making process.
Sales managers find it quite tough to predict sales success or failure not because of the paucity of information at hand but because they are overwhelmed by the information from the CRM, market reports, weekly data and inputs from the field sales force. They find it hard to determine the key factors among these reports since the insight is missing.
Big Data cannot however offer the solutions or answers to these challenges right away. The biggest challenge for these Big Data efforts to succeed is lack of scope, context and the required domain expertise. Just collecting colossal amount of data and analyzing it without applying domain knowledge could lead to a disaster. Hence it is important that the analytics team and the people with business knowledge are involved together into this are not demarcated.