In the current business scenario, customers expect a seamless shopping experience and increased personalization. We operate in an Omni-channel environment with multiple touch points for customer interaction, where it is important to deliver consistent messaging or promotions which add value to the customer experience.
With customers expecting 24 hour service availability, anywhere delivery capability and other benefits, retailers need technology assistance to win customer loyalty and reduced churn. Better customer service requires IVR systems, chat /email systems and in-store navigation solutions for improved customer satisfaction. Such an Omni-channel experience needs adoption of newer technologies and faster response systems.
Retailers can also use technologies like big data analytics to combine point of sale data, online customer behavior, social media posts and tweets and market responses to deliver improved insights for decision makers which can be used to deliver improved customer experiences.
However many retailers find it hard to gather, deploy and use data for improving business. They need to develop technology competencies to derive better consumer insights. Active promotion and participation on social networks through sponsored stories and ads on Facebook and twitter can help retailers engage with customers and upsell their products. It is important that analytics tools are used to effectively target and segment the right customer profile while exposing them to ads/promotions suited to their needs.
All this is possible only when retailers embrace technologies that help them deliver an effective Omni-channel experience for their customers. While looking for technology partners, retailers need to ensure that they use the expertise of a partner with considerable experience of the retail domain and with the following traits:
 Have created and deployed digital systems for a long time
 Expertise in predictive analytics and BI systems
 Past experience in developing mobile apps, in-store kiosks and retail solutions



Our consultants at InterraIT have worked with a number of retail clients and delivered customer analytic solutions for a long time. We understand that every business has its unique challenges and they can be met with an equally unique solution.