Demystifying Big Data

Monday, February 19, 2018


Big data is not something magical. A lot of business users and decision makers wonder as to what big data is and how they can access that information. It is essential for them to realize that it is already around them. With multiple streams of communication including better devices and access to social media firms are generating huge amount of data which can be harnessed effectively to ensure improved decision making. What is important here is not to try and find new ways of gathering information but rather ways to distribute the existing information to the right people when they require it.

Replication of data

An effective way to implement this is through Enterprise data replication. This can help companies utilize advance analytic methods to turn massive data into meaningful information. There are a number of interactions between clients and internal stakeholders during regular operations which can result in a consistent stream of data providing real time analytic updates for the firm if these interactions are captured from beginning till the end. Here the replication tools can come in quite handy and ensure that the data is available where it’s needed at the right time.

Business users across the hierarchy in different roles can make use of analytics to derive meaningful information out of data. For example sales guys can modify and customize their pitches in real time based on a consistent flow of information in about the needs of the customers. This could be made possible through a simple dashboard produced after effective analytics and information sharing.
Big data is not so complex or strange as people think it is. The idea is to meaningfully capture and analyze the numerous streams of data digital or otherwise through which users communicate and share information. These streams of data can be captured not through any magical big data technologies but by creating ways to ensure flow of right information to the people who need it.