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    AI driven testing is a real breakthrough in software testing, unlocking a world of possibilities. It not only optimizes the testing processes, but also brings in a level of excellence and productivity that was not earlier possible. Here is what you can grab from this webinar:-

  • Autonomous Testing Webinar

    To deliver software quality at speed AutonomIQ's A.I.-powered platform is working with InterraIT to rapidly speed up new ServiceNow deployments and continuously maintain implementations with ease. Follow us as we embark on a journey with InterraIT to establish best practices on AutonomIQ's platform and to enable ServiceNow teams to deliver the experiences that their customers love.

  • Episode 1

    TechTalk @90Secs with Aalok Payal, QA Practice Head InterraIT inc shares his views on Automation

  • Episode 2

    In our 2nd Episode, Ms. Dildip Kaur, ISV Business Unit Head, InterraIT Inc. shares “The Sprouting role of Virtualization in Digital Transformation”.

  • Episode 3

    Content: In our 3rd Episode, Mr. Saugata Pramanik, Cloud Practice Head, InterraIT Inc. shares “Is Security the biggest Challenge of Cloud Computing Today? ”.

  • Episode 4

    TechTalk@90Secs, with Abha Sharma, Automation Practice Head, InterraIT Inc. shares her views on Galen Framework

  • Episode 5

    TechTalk@90Secs, with Souvanik Sarkar, Executive Vice President and CTO, InterraIT Inc. shares his views on Trends in IoT

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6: TechTalk@90Secs, with Ramakrishnan M. Co- Founder Intello Labs and AI Expert , shares his views on expertise in AI

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7: TechTalk@90Secs, with Ela Jha, Lead Business Analyst, InterraIT Inc. shares her views on Demystifying Digital Transformation

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8: TechTalk@90Secs, with Anchal Bhandari, IOT Team Lead, InterraIT Inc. shares her views on Home Automation System

  • Episode 9

    Episode 9: TechTalk@90Secs, with Mr. Rajiv Desai, Chairman, CEO Comma Consulting Pvt. Ltd. shares his views on

  • Pervasive Analytics and Machine Learning

    The objective was to develop a Data Warehouse to have a single source of data for all reporting needs.

  • Re-engineering and Migration to Cloud for Order Management

    The client is committed to the profitability and viability of independent pharmacies and support their rightful place in the healthcare industry. Resolve the performance issues faced with recently migrated application to Cloud

  • Delivery Tracking Mobile Application

    The client is a leading manufacturer of affordable custom framed and frameless style cabinetry for homes.

  • Migration of SCM Application MPA/DPA

    The client is a leading global car manufacturer. The objective was to Migrate business-critical applications while still communicating with other apps/ data on the mainframe and Oracle eBS

  • Proactive Problem Management with24x7 AMS

    The client is a leading global car manufacturing company with global imprint that required a proactive problem management

  • Ecosystem Engineering Portal Development

    There was a need for a solution where all the four Web Infrastructure portals can be integrated so that the authorized user can access all the interfaces with a single Sign-on.

  • Accounts Payable Issue Management App Development

    The client is a US based national laboratory conducting research across a wide range of scientific disciplines.

  • Digital Transformation

    The objective was to develop a Data Warehouse to have a single source of data for all reporting needs.

  • Quality Assurance Automation

    A test automation framework was developed using Selenium grid over Docker for running end-to-end tests against the client’s customer portal (Liferay 6.2).

  • Functional API Testing

    The main goal of functional API testing is to validate the functionality of the business logic layer which occurs prior to GUI integration test. Recognizing the common challenges and formulating the best test approach ensures the full test coverage and eventually reduces the number of defects rates throughout the test life cycle. Here we have described the totality of API testing in terms of functionality test throughout width & breadth of it, which we cover and offer to our clients.

  • The Internet of Things – Transforming the Automotive Industry

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically changing the way technology is used in businesses. Consisting of a network of physical objects with the ability to in teract with each other and their external environment, IoT presents an enormous opportunity across industries and processes.

  • Automating XaaS

    XaaS refers to “Anything as a Service”, revealing how much more can be automated beyond infrastructure, leveraging vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)

  • Pervasive Analytics and Machine Learning

    With the advent of digital revolution and IoT, there has been a sudden proliferation of data that needs to be curated, managed and monetized.

  • Cloud Services

    With multiple cloud options – Public, Private & Hybrid, it is important for enterprise IT to choose the right configuration to implement a sound cloud strategy.

  • InterraIT Enterprise Mobility Services

    Over the past decade or so, mobile devices have evolved into becoming a centerpiece of both our work and personal lives.

  • Delivering Business Value Through ITSM Transformation

    In today’s challenging business environment, organizations are going through transformational changes – becoming cloud-enabled enterprises of tomorrow.

  • Legacy Transformation

    InterraIT’s tool-driven Legacy/Mainframe Migration to Digital Service ensures significant reduction in TCO/ high RoI, architectural transformation.

  • InterraIT Application Management Services

    Due to the rapidly evolving nature of business and expectations of customers, organizations find themselves constantly needing to transform

  • QA & Testing Services

    The ability to rapidly develop enterprise applications and maintain ever increasing quality standards at the same time is prompting organizations worldwide

  • UX & UI Design

    To enhance user satisfaction, InterraIT aims to catch unfulfilled user needs in the context of certain experience and turn them into design.

  • Product Engineering Services

    As product companies of today prepare for future growth and expansion, they face a myriad of challenges that include continuous innovation, product portfolio maintenance, technology landscape evolution

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