Digital Transformation

InterraIT helps businesses re-define digital business strategy in alignment to their key business objectives by leveraging emerging Digital Technologies to build competitive market advantage. InterraIT’s consultants specialize in helping clients in transforming their business models in face of competitive threats from new entrants or existing competition armed with digital technologies.We help clients implement digital transformation by unifying business and technology architectures to enable competitive advantage and top-line growth.

Key objectives we help you achieve:

  • Cloud Enablement- Evaluating cloud platforms and multi-cloud strategy.
  • Digital Platforms – Build, Design, Migrate & Support services for Digital Applications.
  • AI & IoT led business model innovation.
  • Smarter Apps with Embedded Insights.
  • Digital & Connected Services.
  • Delivering better user-experience by upgrading to new responsive UI.


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Digital Transformation for your Enterprise


Digital Transformation for your Enterprise:

  • Simplify Digital Transformation and induce Digital capabilities in a much faster way.
  • Adapt to changing business landscape and scale at a faster speed.
  • Focus on Engineering next-generation products and services.
  • Modernize operational processes and mobilize business by transforming the digital experience.
  • Enhancing legacy apps with new RESTful APIs.
  • Replatforming – migrate apps to a new platform.
  • Developing full-stack products using microservices and containerization.
  • Developing enhanced security architecture – user access, data security, etc.
  • Developing ecosystem connectors to external services.
  • Designing integrated CI/CD and test automation processes.

Modernize operational processes and mobilize business by transforming the digital experience

Digital Transformation Framework


InterraIT – Digital Transformation Offerings

Digital Strategy and Innovation

What separates digital leaders from the rest is a clear digital strategy combined with a culture and leadership poised to drive the transformation. InterraIT helps you achieve that by embracing digital strategic thinking and a programmatic approach to business process change whereby organizations can better engage with customers and deliver mass customized products and services that drive differentiation and outperformance.

Agile Applications and Digital Experiences

Modern application platforms can empower organizations to create new customer friendly services, unlock data from other applications, and build the foundation of the digital core that will support the continuous transformation of the business. Agile applications and digital experiences bring in the best practices to successfully deliver projects: (i) use of multi-stakeholder workshops to prioritize requirements, (ii) test, build and integrate code daily – with associated code quality and testing tools, and deployment scripts and utilities (iii) ensuring consistency between environments / checks and documentation of variations.


Digital Technology Enablement and Integration

Integration of digital technologies can enable new ways of generating and safeguarding competitive advantage. In a world driven by disruptive technology, innovative organizations now have the power to improve their service offerings by investing, creating and inventing game changing products that not only provide a better way of doing things but also hold commercial value. Digital enablers would integrate not only hardware and software but also be a part of decision-making with the help of emerging technologies like IoT, machine learning and more.

Digital Data Lakes and BI

Data Lakes are used in enterprise IT scenarios dealing with a deluge of data ranging from raw data to transformed data which is used for various tasks including reporting, visualization, analytics and machine learning. InterraIT helps you utilize Data Lakes to end data silos in such fast growing and increasingly unstructured big data scenario. Our Data lake services help clients consolidate high-volume data sources into a single environment for use cases as diverse as historical, archival and cross-channel customer behavior analytics. Data Lake Architectures & Analytics Consolidate data, Accelerate data engineering processes & build flexible analytic applications Derive powerful Intelligence – Anytime, Anywhere


Digital Transformation Enablers   


InterraIT’s key Differentiators   

We take businesses through the journey of cloud transformation to enhance performance and move faster with new software endeavors. Find our key differentiators below:

Enable Digital Transformation

By providing integrated data, from disparate structured and unstructured sources, and by applying advanced AI and analytics on them, we provide real time insights for Digital Transformation.

Scalability & Flexibility

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we are able to ramp up/ ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process.

Improve Forecast Accuracy During AMS

We don’t end with deployment! We keep monitoring forecast errors during AMS, keep learning from actual data and keep improving implemented models.

Focus on Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

By providing high quality services and customer satisfaction with a flexible, scalable and highly cost effective operational model.



With the advent of digital revolution and IoT, there has been a sudden proliferation of data that needs to be curated, managed and monetized.
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Case Study

The objective was to develop a Data Warehouse to have a single source of data for all reporting needs.
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Role of IOT in DX: Top Challenges and Trends


Client Testimonial

Verio considers itself very lucky to have a partner such as InterraIT. A partner which understands our commitments, delivers tirelessly, and has the maturity to work with us to continuously try to streamline our process. InterraIT has proven itself to Verio as a company that commits to its Clients and does everything reasonably possible to deliver on those commitments.

Bill Gunther - Vice President, Systems Development and Architecture, Verio, an NTT Communications Company