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  • Emerging tech job trends: Start-ups hunt for
    people with right skills, attitudes
    Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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Trained professionals are required in the area of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and green technologies as these are highly-skilled areas.

Emerging tech job trends: Even as start-ups are embracing new technologies, it is often difficult to find the right talents, with the right skills and attitude, who can cope up with new technological changes. The right talents help technology-based start-ups grow from strength to strength. Trained professionals are required in the area of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and green technologies as these are highly-skilled areas. Bitcoin was built with blockchain technology and later it got the attention of techies.

There are only a few trained professionals in Blockchain technology; which is going to be used by various industries, especially the banking sector, in the coming years. Asoke Laha, president and CEO, Interra Information Technologies, said, “Finding the right talent that can align with your organization’s visions and goals is not an easy feat. Through blockchain, the recruitment process can be heavily streamlined, making it easy for HR professionals to verify an individual’s past work history, experience, and education. In addition, the referencing process will become more transparent - thus allowing organizations to hire the right pool of talent best suited to their goals. Blockchain technology has the potential of making classical resumes and career networking websites like LinkedIn,, etc. obsolete and redundant. As Blockchain has shaken up the finance world, the HR sector is also gradually adopting this technology with open arms. Laha said that there will be many opportunities in the coming days for the professionals with the right technological skills.

Akshay Kashyap, founder, and managing director, Green Fuel Energy Solutions, a green tech company, said, "In the clean mobility space it's very difficult to find people with the right skill sets and the right attitude. With newer technologies and skills changing the value chain in the industry, hiring people with the hunger and curiosity to achieve better targets has become a challenge. The balance between innovative technologies and human interaction is a delicate one to achieve, it requires the right talent to help start-ups move from strength to strength."

Varun Bhutani, founder, and CEO of Trihund Solutions, a technology firm, “The quest for talent is a never-ending one. For example, our employee number count is 2.5 times the actual team size and this is only in the last 2.5 years. It is important to define great talent, especially when the organization is at a start-up phase. Of course, like attracts like and you need to have the essential core members who stay. Challenges include identifying, hiring, and retaining talent. And every person is an important piece in creating great efficient teams.

As a start-up grows bigger, the luxury of time and data comes in, which is not the case in the initial stages. The roles of people change through this journey and it is important to hire people with the right attitude more than just for a particular skill set, Bhutani said.

Technology plays an important role in harnessing the true value of a start-up and can be used to develop a unique culture to suit the needs of the organization. Therefore, the right technical skill is always important and which is not easy to find, he said.

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