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Deriving actionable insights from Data

With the growth of Digital technologies, data is being produced at an explosive rate. Managing and deriving business value from this deluge of data is the biggest challenge for enterprises today. Analytics implemented rightly helps turn organizational data into actionable insights and leverage them to predict buying behaviors, improve decision making insights and eliminate risks. It transforms the entire knowledge landscape within the firm and holds the key for future growth of businesses.
InterraIT’s advanced Analytics Services have helped businesses effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods and software environments like R to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture. Our domain expertise coupled with data analytics capabilities; real time solutions and usage of machine learning algorithms to create predictive models enable us to offer your business a customized Analytics strategy


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InterraIT – Advanced Analytics Services

Big Data

Our domain expertise coupled with data analytics capabilities and real time solutions enable us to offer your business a customized Big Data strategy.
This includes building the roadmap...architecture and installation of a robust Big Data solution based on Big Data stores and Massively Parallel Processing Infrastructure. Key services include – Big Data Consulting, Development Services, Integration Services, Predictive Analytics.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Data warehousing solutions are used for data and trend analysis to process and make informed decisions by discovering hidden value from information assets. InterraIT offers end to end Business Intelligence and DW services – Reporting and Analytics, Maintenance and Support. Our services include – Business Intelligence road map, data warehousing implementation, analytics, data mining, data quality and Master Data Management. Key offerings include – BI strategy development, BI and DW governance consulting, BI and DW architecture development, Strategic audit, Taxonomy implementation consulting, Migration strategy and planning, cross-platform migration and version upgrades, BI services in a SaaS model & SOA-enabled BI framework.


Machine Learning

Businesses have started to embrace advanced analytics as they realize the vast opportunities and impact it can bring to solving complex business problems using machine learning. InterraIT has moved beyond business intelligence by using machine learning to help clients achieve business insights and customer understanding.
We use machine learning algorithms to create predictive models that help identify new revenue channels, provide cost savings and optimize business processes. Key offerings include - Predictive Analytics, IoT Analytics & Customer and Social Analytics.

InterraIT’s key Differentiators   

We take businesses through the journey of cloud transformation to enhance performance and move faster with new software endeavors. Find our key differentiators below:

Reduce TCO through custom solutions -

Once the predictive models are implemented, we convert the models into Java/ C# solutions, thereby freeing up the customer from large license costs of platforms

Enable Digital Transformation -

By providing integrated data, from disparate structured and unstructured sources, and by applying advanced AI and Analytics on them, we provide real-time insights for Digital Transformation.

With the powerful ‘R’ ecosystem, we take Visualization to the next level -

We specialize in ‘R’ and extend the power of Visualization through it.

Improve forecast accuracy during AMS – 

We don’t end with deployment! We keep monitoring forecast errors during AMS, keep learning from actual data and keep improving implemented models.

Integrate cohesively with customer

creating a seamless single team with an effective engagement model

Scalability & Flexibility:

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we are able to ramp up / ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process



With the advent of digital revolution and IoT, there has been a sudden proliferation of data that needs to be curated, managed and monetized.

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Case Study

The client is an E- Commerce company, offers a wide range of eSelling, eSourcing, and many more across diverse industry verticals. The objective was to automate the bidder recommendation system & price estimation

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Analytics and Machine Learning Services


Client Testimonial

Verio considers itself very lucky to have a partner such as InterraIT. A partner which understands our commitments, delivers tirelessly, and has the maturity to work with us to continuously try to streamline our process. InterraIT has proven itself to Verio as a company that commits to its Clients and does everything reasonably possible to deliver on those commitments.

Bill Gunther - Vice President, Systems Development and Architecture, Verio, an NTT Communications Company



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