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Anytime, anywhere availability for a borderless global enterprise

For today’s borderless global enterprises, location centric activities have been replaced by a truly mobile workforce requiring an evolved IT infrastructure landscape. Collaboration, connectivity and communication are the need of the hour for organizations. To achieve a strong competitive edge, companies must provide their customers compelling mobile experiences and equip employees with actionable customer insights. As Organizations have started to realize the importance of mobility and are driven to adopt mobility, they face an associated challenge to keep up with the evolving Mobile technologies and the supporting infrastructure requirements.
InterraIT’s mobility services help companies deliver intuitive mobility experiences across devices for their customers and employees without impacting security and usability. 

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InterraIT Mobility Services - Overview

App Development, Testing & Support 

InterraIT has a dedicated mobile center of excellence. The group has rich set of expertise in multiple platforms, devices and architectures. It includes Native, Cross Platform Apps, MEAP Platforms, Public Cloud Integration, Deployment, Multi Device/Platform Testing, Agile and DevOps. We help clients develop and maintain enticing, feature-rich user applications, Migrate existing applications to new platforms, Reduce errors with automation tools, thoroughly test mobile solutions using our Mobile Automation Test Framework and mBrowser test solutions.


Mobile UX/UI

InterraIT UX/UI consultants create compelling, interactive experiences for consumer and business mobile apps, games and sites. Mobile app design is much more than just visual effects.
It greatly impacts app usability. We consider application needs and context when developing features and content to ensure a seamless user-centric experience. Our development team iterates and creates together with the design team to deliver business value to our customers. Key steps include – Assessment, Market Analysis, Framework Development, Design Implementation, Prototyping, Validation & Usability Testing.

Mobile Analytics

Successful applications are able to capture and leverage user behavior for positive innovation. With the use of mobile analytics, applications deliver the best ROI for your business. You can enhance the user engagement by bettering the features preferred by your target audience. Deriving insights from analytics help innovation by determining the frequency of features used. InterraIT has worked on implementing advanced mobile analytics to collect and analyze data for tuning UX and generating business value.

 Mobility on Cloud

Businesses can now leverage Mobility enabled ‘Enterprise solutions on cloud’ for various operations and streamline process flows. Armed with in-depth expertise on Mobile...
Cloud Computing and deep understanding of business needs, InterraIT has paved the way for providing integrated mobility & cloud solutions under a single umbrella. It incorporates cutting edge innovations for customization of client needs as well as the best practices of the related industry.

InterraIT Value Proposition


We take businesses through the journey of mobile roadmap design and application design & development helping customers throughout their mobility journey with a portfolio of tools and services that maximize the potential of their mobility implementation. Find our key differentiators below:


Reusable components:

Delivery efficiency with large repository or reusable components, test assets and global delivery model

Faster GTM with ready mobility solutions -

Established engagements across mobility lifecycle

with considerable years of experience and more than 100 service projects successfully delivered.

Focus on lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) 

by providing high quality services and customer satisfaction with a flexible, scalable and highly cost effective operational model.

Integrate cohesively with customer

creating a seamless single team with an effective engagement model

Scalability & Flexibility:

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we are able to ramp up / ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process



InterraIT Enterprise Mobility Services

Over the past decade or so, mobile devices have evolved into becoming a centerpiece of both our work and personal lives

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Delivery Tracking Mobile Application

The client is a leading manufacturer of affordable custom framed and frameless style cabinetry for homes.

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Digital Mobility Services


Client Testimonial

Interra IT has been a valued partner to Mazda for 8 years.They offer the commitment and quality of service our customers expect from our brand.

Patrick Halfpenny - Senior Manager, Application Development, Mazda North American Operations



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