There are quite a number of things you need to consider while managing your SaaS infrastructure. The best SaaS businesses put most of their efforts in building outstanding business apps and promoting these apps to their customers. These SaaS businesses prefer to depend on their chosen IaaS partners to take care of their service delivery needs. Teaming up with an IaaS provider helps provide the following benefits:

  • Cost Control & focus on customer service: Most of the SaaS vendors focus on developing the best apps in the market to offer better value to customers and acquire more customers in a competitive environment. Depending on IaaS providers makes a lot of sense since the SaaS vendors cannot exactly predict their data center requirements right from the outset hence saving them upfront investment in these costly resources.


  • Measuring and monitoring Infrastructure: Another important aspect that needs to be given due attention is measurement of customer responses. Best SaaS companies analyze and monitor customer responses minutely to understand how users utilize their solutions and hence provide incremental additions to their solutions to optimize their offerings.

In-depth analytics, tracking the return on their marketing campaigns and using reporting systems with their business systems like CRM and ITSM systems help them with information on how to fine tune their offerings and better their own infrastructure. They also utilize the portal provided by their IaaS provider to understand real time usage and service availability.


  • Security and service scalability: In a SaaS model, it is important that your services are reliable and scalable to meet volumes. Since the SaaS market is highly competitive, losing customers could result in missing opportunities and degradation of reputation.

Therefore it is important that a SaaS vendor partners with a reliable IaaS provider to ensure minimum downtime and deliver on performance. Another way of improving service reliability is by offering customers with a robust SaaS ecosystem with provisions of SaaS integration among multiple SaaS providers.