The Cloud Computing euphoria has now paved way for many organizations accepting IaaS as a part of their IT portfolio but not without its set of problems and doubts. Many of these perceived issues are because of the myths that keep surrounding the Cloud Computing market. The most common myths that IT teams battle with constantly about Infrastructure-as-a-service offerings include:
Software on the cloud does not need maintenance: Infrastructure-as-a-Service usually means purchasing server usage and other infrastructure required to run the entire IT setup. However applications that run on those servers still remain the responsibility of the corporate. Standard IT processes are required and these applications and data storage still needs to be monitored by enterprise IT. Even though it all becomes a lot easier on the cloud but maintenance of the IT applications and processes including disaster recovery remains the responsibility of the enterprise IT team. These cannot be left believing that it will be taken care off just because its ported on the cloud.


Cloud is not secure: This is yet again a common myth which prevents firms from adopting the IaaS services. Infrastructure-as-a-service includes servers, firewalls, network and storage services. The key area which presents a security risk for the corporate IT is at the application level risks. A poorly configured or managed application might leave backdoors for possible intrusion. This has got nothing to do with the cloud and may present itself even in a private premise. However transmission of data over public clouds should be carried out with the preferred approach of encryption as is done in a private network while accessing the internet.

A unique risk related to the IaaS services is the denial of service attacks. This happens since the IaaS provider may have multiple tenants and increased traffic caused by applications for one tenant resulting in clogging o the network may reject requests for other customers. To address these issues it is important to select the right cloud provider with a strong backbone network and the ability to identify and prevent this denial of service attacks.


Cloud is too complex: This is the most common myth regarding IaaS services. There is rocket science or magic behind the cloud services. It’s just a public IaaS service offering servers, networks and storage services available on demand and scalable as and when required. They provide a common platform for companies no matter how small or large with an Infrastructure platform which reduces a lot of hassle and costs for companies.

The idea is that every change brings along with it a learning curve. But it’s also important to dispel the myths and adopt the new technologies to stay competitive. Public cloud Infrastructure services are a convenient way especially for midsize companies to utilize the latest technology with reduced costs.