Monday, September 24, 2018

InterraIT making use of cutting-edge technology to understand customer behaviour



By Asoke K. Laha, President  & CEO of Interra Information Technologies Inc.


Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics 


Interra Information Technologies operates in a highly competitive and disruptive technology marketplace. Even though we position ourselves as technology experts in emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, our services and brand positioning are at times similar to some of our competitors due to the highly competitive nature of technology business. 

To stand out from the crowd, we build niche capabilities like Supply Chain Management. This helps us promote our brand directed towards specific customer segments and build brand recognition. At InterraIT, being customer-centric is embedded in our culture. Customer orientation is the key part of our overall marketing strategy and company’s messaging.

We stick to having a consistent brand voice and care for our customer as much as they do for their own business. 

Marketing plays an essential role in the success of large, medium enterprises, and start-ups in the country. Start-ups like Flipkart and behemoths like Tata Group spend an enormous amount of money on online advertising, print ads, and customer engagement campaigns to promote their brands. Without marketing, they would not have attained the stature they have in the country otherwise.


Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 

Terabytes of data are produced by users, customer communities, suppliers, and vendors every day. This needs to be put to good use. With so many forms, posts, reviews, videos, and feedback at our disposal, we should be able to make better decisions. This deluge of data clouds the most relevant data points and we tend to lose sight of the biggest business challenges that are relevant to our brand. The solution to this problem lies in big data. Data driven strategies, backed by big data technologies, help brands establish competitive differentiation in the market. 

We, at InterraIT, utilize cutting-edge technology at several levels to understand customer behavior. We have been using big data and analytics based tools to generate better insights. We also use advanced marketing automation platforms to understand, manage, and measure customer behavior and patterns at multiple touch points. This has helped us remarkably improve our brand awareness and customer messaging across different marketing mediums.

In essence, I would say that decision makers should invest in targeted efforts to source data, build models, deploy advanced analytics, and use the insights generated to transform their organizational culture.


R&D driving Growth

InterraIT has already made considerable investments in emerging technologies and has built advanced CoE (Center of Excellence) for Digital Technologies at our Noida campus. Also, we have groomed technical personnel and developed strong competencies in the field of IoT, cyber security, embedded systems, data analytics, and Cloud to enable implementation of latest technologies