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Automotive firms need to transform their ways to maintain profitability and sustain customer purchase during tough economic times. Automotive firms can improve efficiency is by adopting mobile technology and by providing suppliers, vendors and employees real time information while on the move.
One of our client aimed to achieve a strategic differentiation in the automotive world by enabling its dealership with advanced technology & sales momentum, providing quick decision making & speedy conversion of prospects in to customers.
InterraIT developed an Interactive Sales Experience Application (ISEA) that used Sencha Touch framework to create a web application with the ‘feel’ of a native application

 The User Interface delivered to the users was consistent with iPad user experience – providing features like carousel (swipe), iOS app style navigation and native app like menu options
 The Application helped sales reps in providing a different experience to customers by visually representing:
 Vehicle presentation in various colors
 Different variants of particular car model
 Various features of car like specifications, accessories, styling, safety, product information etc.

Some of the other solutions for the automotive industry include mobile solutions for procurement, supply chain management solutions and mobile automation of sales force.