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Legacy (Mainframe) Modernization Services

Fast-maturing digital technologies are now making transformation of businesses, across industries, to their next level of maturity, innovation and competitiveness possible. This need of increased competitiveness and innovation is driving the trend of Legacy Modernization faster as Digital Transformation is best enabled by open system technologies. This, along with the need for reduction in cost of ownership and maintenance, has made Legacy system modernization of prime importance to large organizations especially when most of them defer it for long periods of time due to the perceived complexity and risks involved.

InterraIT’s Legacy Transformation Services help Digital Transformation and the CIOs to eliminate unnecessary IT costs, reduce capital spending and help freeing resources for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives. We transform legacy systems (e.g. business critical applications running on Mainframes, AS400 systems etc.) to agile and efficient applications through the use of intelligent automation, specialized skills and global delivery capabilities.

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InterraIT Migration Offerings – Consulting-led Mainframe Migration





InterraIT Legacy Transformation Services


Tool Assisted Migration

Quick Turnaround

Tool based approach reduces the code conversion timeline to around one-third compared to the manual approach across various source and target platforms.

Less testing, Less User Training

The process requires lesser testing due to automated code generation. Also No or minimal user training is required since look & feel largely remains same.

Reduced effort and cost:

The migration tools lead to great productivity gains reducing the migration effort and cost and thereby providing greater ROI to the customer.         

Valuable business logic

Business logic embedded in the application is retained 100% in a tool based migration

Tool Outputs

Consistent in quality and the generation is repeatable, reducing the risk of migration

Efficiency & coverage of tools

Proven in customer projects & large code base.     




Architectural Realignment to support Cloud Enablement & Digital Transformation

Our automated tool and expert services produce a completely de-coupled, layered target application architecture from a monolithic legacy architecture

The above fulfills the mandatory requirement for movement to cloud. Application-specific and cloud-platform specific requirements, if any, may need to be incorporated

Easy to plugin with native mobile applications

Target UIs are responsive web screens which can get displayed on all platforms (Desktop, Laptop, Tab, Mobile)



User Experience Enhancement & Multi-Device Support

Through architectural realignment, we enable better User Experience and responsive UI design/ multi-device support with seamless system access

We optimize application performance so that absence of superior mainframe computing power doesn’t show up to the business users.


Rediscovery of Missing Knowledge – Enhanced Maintainability

Using Rediscovery of missing knowledge

we extract business vocabulary, rules, and processes from production applications and surrounding business operations. It helps clients take the knowledge that’s “locked away” in a technology-specific implementation and restate it in a technology-independent, business-level form.

Improve efficiency & maintainability

Legacy applications have evolved over a period of time, perhaps few decades. Therefore, while end users may find the output to be of value, it’s often the case that no one understands how those results are computed. The cumulative impact of many modifications over time can result in applications that are difficult to understand and with large amounts of “dead” code.

Reduce redundancy & complexity

Applications that use multiple legacy databases frequently house redundant data that – with the proper analysis – could be rationalized into fewer, more compact databases based on modern technologies.

IT and business alignment

Using knowledge discovery organizations connect existing application functionality to current business processes, identify mismatches, and implement new services leveraging current capabilities



InterraIT Value Proposition


InterraIT’s familiarity with complex IT infrastructures and capabilities in the cloud and mobile domain has resulted in a smoother modernization of legacy systems for a large group of our clients. Find our key differentiators below: 

Reduce TCO through custom solutions -

Once the predictive models are implemented, we convert the models into Java/ C# solutions, thereby freeing up the customer from large license costs of platforms

Enable Digital Transformation -

By providing integrated data, from disparate structured and unstructured sources, and by applying advanced AI and Analytics on them, we provide real-time insights for Digital Transformation.

With the powerful ‘R’ ecosystem, we take Visualization to the next level -

We specialize in ‘R’ and extend the power of Visualization through it.

Improve forecast accuracy during AMS – 

We don’t end with deployment! We keep monitoring forecast errors during AMS, keep learning from actual data and keep improving implemented models.

Integrate cohesively with customer

creating a seamless single team with an effective engagement model

Scalability & Flexibility:

Leveraging our dual shore flexible operations model, we are able to ramp up / ramp down resources on projects through a tightly integrated forecasting process




InterraIT's tool-driven Legacy/Mainframe Migration to Digital Service ensures significant reduction in TCO/ high RoI, architectural transformation……


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Case Study

The client is a leading global car manufacturer. The objective was to Migrate business-critical  applications while still communicating with other apps/ data on the mainframe and Oracle eBS

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Client Testimonial

Interra IT has been a valued partner to Mazda for 8 years.They offer the commitment and quality of service our customers expect from our brand.

Patrick Halfpenny - Senior Manager, Application Development, Mazda North American Operations



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