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  • migration of dealer loyalty app
    Our Success Story

Project Overview

The primary requirements of the projects were: 1. Migration of business-critical dealer facing applications, 2. UI redesign as per visual identity guidelines, 3. Complex and large file read/ write operations.

About The Client

The client is a leading global car manufacturer. InterraIT works as a preferred AMS and project vendor for their North America operations

Case Survey

  • Migration of business-critical dealer facing applications while still communicating with other apps/data on the mainframe
  • LOC: 54332
  • Components: MF batch jobs and MF stored procedures
  • UI redesign as per visual identity guidelines
  • Complex calculations on table data to prepare final processed data
  • Complex and large file read/write operations.

Our Solution

Tool based conversion

Retention of business logic

Components conversions: 1. MF batch jobs - Java batch jobs, 2. MF stored procedures - Java SPs, 3. MQs - Java SPs

Improved Handling special characters

Improved Performance optimization

Business Benefits Delivered

  • 50% reduction in time and cost due to tool-based approach

  • Performance optimization resulted in some batch jobs running faster on target despite lower computing power

  • Better UX - use of modern UI best practice

  • Knowledge rediscovery (despite the source applications having negligible documentation) - detailed SRS, Test Specs

Technology Stack

Latest Case Study

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