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    Our Success Story

Project Overview

It helps the employees making the most out of Day One and gives new hires a great impression instead of a pile of paperwork. Easy-to-use features that save employees tons of time. Increase employee onboarding efficiency with online tools that automate and simplify complex onboarding forms and processes.

About The Client

A German luxury vehicle, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. It is one of the best-selling luxury automakers in the world.

Case Survey

The Customer required:

  • Easy to use features that save employees time
  • Increase employee onboarding efficiency
  • Online tools that automate & simplify complex onboarding forms and processes

Our Solution

Automated workflows: Break down complicated on-boarding tasks and paperwork with guided, step-by-step instructions for new hires.

Online document storage: Auto-store new employee forms and on-boarding docs to a secure online library and find any of them quickly, anytime you need.

On-boarding communication tools: Mobile tools make it easy to send out messages to anyone or everyone at once.

Instant, organized employee records: Applicant records auto-convert to an employee. WorkFile for fast onboarding, accurate data, and always-accessible information.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Automated workflows

  • Online document storage

  • Onboarding communication tools

  • Instant organized employee records

  • Accurate data and always -accessible information

Technology Stack

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