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The Objectives of Skilling and Continuous Learning By Aniruddha Guha Sarkar, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Interra Information Technologies Inc. The corporate industry is constantly changing. In this constantly changing and competitive environment...

Career Skills in Engineering You Will Need to Get Ahead in 2019 By Ranjan Guha, President North America, Interra Information Technologies Inc.: The rate at which the Information Technology (IT) sector is growing, organizations will need existing employees upgrading their skill sets or reskill themselves according to the current demands of the industry. IT companies hiring new talent will also need to look at what kind of skill set the talent

Technology has now become the central focus of every industry.”-Mr. Asoke K. Laha, President and Chief Executive Officer, Interra Information Technologies, Inc.

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr. Asoke K. Laha, President and Chief Executive Officer, Interra Information Technologies, Inc. reveals his strategies for business in India .

InterraIT CEO Asoke Laha on the top trends in technology

Technology is making sweeping changes across all segments. Artificial Intelligence along with Analytics and Machine Learning will have a profound impact on the corporate world as well as day-to-day life of an individual person.

Emerging tech job trends: Start-ups hunt for people with right skills, attitudes

Trained professionals are required in the area of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and green technologies as these are highly-skilled areas.

InterraIT Partners with Bayestree Intelligence to Deliver service management transformation leveraging advanced Machine Learning technology

San Jose CA, March 29th, 2019, InterraIT, a leader in the IT service industry, has announced a partnership with Bayestree Intelligence, an artificial intelligence (AI) /machine learning (ML) enterprise Product Company.

CHRO priorities of 2019 Time to embrace technological disruptions

The workplace landscape has dramatically changed over time. Managing people resources have become more complex. In the past, the primary role of HR was to identify the right candidate, test their caliber and provide offer letters.

Upcoming Technologies in the Future of Information Technology

Digital transformation is not a destination –  it is a never ending race track where the course keeps changing and newer, faster cars continue to enter the race track. The impact of technology is massive, from the wrist watch one wears to the car that they drive. 

The Future of Information Technology is Artificial Intelligence

Over the past decade, the world of information technology has made tremendous innovative strides that in turn, have impacted other industries, such as retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.


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Leading People through Change and UncertaintyThursday, 29 April, 2021

Technovate is a monthly webinar series where the purpose is to have candid discussions with key individuals on current and relevant topics surrounding next-gen technologies, leadership, sales/marketing, and strategy.

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Has AI Peaked?Thursday, October 11, 2018

Artificial Intelligence now dominates most boardroom technology agendas. But the definition of Artificial Intelligence remains unclear. This is the most innovative Artificial Intelligence conclave organized in Noida – with many technology influencers expected to join.

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