Over the past few years, Telecom industry has witnessed constant growth and change in the business and operational requirements owing to emerging technologies. In order to win in this digital world, Telecom providers have shifted their focus from technology infrastructure to value added services and the delivery of a superior customer experience.

InterraIT helps service providers achieve operational efficiency, reduce service rollout time, propel innovation and achieve business and operational objectives. We leverage our business knowledge and in-depth expertise across the various lines of technology, thereby providing you with the most innovative solutions.

Key Challenges

  • Avoiding the commoditization of services
  • Keeping pace with disruptive technologies
  • Delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience
  • Build and manage complex, converged IP networks

How can InterraIT help?

InterraIT offers unparalleled telecom industry solutions to revolutionize the telecom business. We address the key challenges such as rationalization, upgrade, integrate billing systems and high costs delivery model. InterraIT has pioneered the use of Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as key elements of Telecom Billing and OSS integration strategy, allowing service providers to add or modify specific functional elements without rebuilding the entire system. This enables them to keep pace with dynamic business and technology needs.

Key service offerings: Process, Strategy and Business Analysis

  • Technology needs Assessment
  • Requirements Definition
  • Gap Analysis
  • Use case modeling
  • Best practice guidance and implementation

Program Management 

  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management


Package Implementation

  • System requirements documentation Management
  • Architecture design and implementation
  • Software configuration 

Billing Integration

  • Efficient, streamlined adapter and API development for leading billing and OSS systems
  • Expertise of a range of EAI viz. MQ Series, TIBCO, BEA, Vitria, Web Methods and Web Services

Infrastructure Management/Production support

  • 24X7 Production support
  • Capacity planning
  • Manage Network Services
  • Support range of platforms including Unix Servers
  • Support databases
  • Support LAN/WAN set up

Telecom Expertise

  • Strategy & Solution Architecture
  • Billing System Integration
  • Implementation and Support
  • Process Automation

Business benefits:

  • Improved operational and cost efficiencies
  • Rapid time-to-market to roll out new and innovative services
  • Improved processes and infrastructure
  • Reduced costs of product development and support
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, thereby generating an increase in customer loyalty
  • Improved quality of services


How can we help you?

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