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  • An optimal blend of
    clinical and
    patient-reported data
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Project Overview

Need to generate real-world data to communicate benefits to HCPs and Patients as end consumers.

About The Client

A Global Nutraceutical Brand

Case Survey

To assess the impact of nutraceutical products and evaluate patient-centric outcome measures

Our Solution

Identified the outcome measures: Outcome measures included any positive or negative effects of product use, such as changes in laboratory values, the incidence of adverse events, or changes in PROMs (Patient-reported outcome questionnaires such as the quality-of-life scales for improvement in overall health and well-being and Immune Function Questionnaire)

Determined the study population: Determined by reviewing medical records or pharmacy databases.

Defined the study variables: the duration and frequency of use, the dosage, and any concurrent medications or medical conditions

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Conclude: Based on the study results, conclusions were drawn about the effects and safety of nutraceutical use in adults and communicated to healthcare professionals through weekly newsletters and presentations

  • Value Communication: Insights and Benefits were communicated to patients through the available online and offline forums.

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