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QA Test Automation Pilot Program

  • qa test automation pilot program
    No COST, No Obligation

Why should you try this Innovative Pilot Program?

Nowadays, many organizations are facing challenges with delivery of quality products on time due to inadequate test coverage, a shortage in manpower, lack of full-proof test suites, etc. However, to mitigate this risk and to gain competitive edge over others many are associating themselves with quality experts like us. 

To help you be sure of your choice before any further exchange. InterraIT is offering a 2 Week, No Cost, No Obligation Program to assess us and our test practices exhaustively.

Highlight of the Program







Features of the Program

Our program consists of a Functional Testing / Test Automation Pilot project essentially to demonstrate our testing skills to you. This will be catered at no-cost, no-obligation to you. So, what is included in our program? Well, the program is designed effectively with the following-

  • 2 Test Resources for 2 weeks calendar engagement.
  • Test Planning, Test Case creation, Test Execution, and Defect Reporting.
  • Test Automation Plan, Automation scripts and a Demo – if you prefer.
  • Setup for Continuous Integration / Test Automation Framework etc.
  • Summary Defects Report.

Alternatively, if you want we can do a Pilot for Performance Testing of your application.

Why choose us?

  • Eliminate Release Rollbacks
  • Reduce Patch Releases
  • Expert Team
  • 2 decades of Industry Experience
  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies

We understand the utmost importance of quality, you can expect the best from us. Quality matters, we know and we can help you. To know more about our QA services, view our Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Take advantage of our try –before-you-buy offer!

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Digital Footprints

Continuous Integration & Testing

Continuous Integration & Testing

The objective was to test the customer’s web application to ensure quality of reports that works on maximizing the sales and traffic.


End To End Automation – Appium For Hybrid App

End To End Automation – Appium For Hybrid App

The objective was to test the customer’s mobile and web app for browser compatibility and functionality to ensure the quality of reports.


Test Automation for a Cloud Based Healthcare

Test Automation for a Cloud Based Healthcare

The client is a mobile application provider. The objective was to implement automation on the cloud based healthcare app to minimize the overall regression time.


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