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Project Overview

Aimed to collaborate with a professional body of surgeons through conducting outcome-based research. The objective was to provide support in advocating for the inclusion of bariatric surgery in publicly financed insurance schemes. One of the proposed measures was to conduct real-world evidence (RWE) study

About The Client

A global medical device company

Case Survey

To examine the various complications after different bariatric operations that are currently performed

Our Solution

Designed a case record form to examine the post-bariatric surgery complications during a fixed period.

Data collected included demographic data, co-morbidities, type of procedure, complications, investigations, and management of complications.

This e-CRF in form of a questionnaire was sent to all centres where bariatric surgery is performed in India.Data collected were reviewed, analysed, and presented.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Twenty-four centres responded with a report on 11,568 bariatric procedures. Publication of manuscript into a high impact Journal Primary data source for proposed cost-effectiveness analysis

Latest Case Study

An optimal blend of clinical and patient-reported data

An optimal blend of clinical and patient-reported data

For a Global Nutraceutical Brand


Utilizing Medical Records as Real-World Evidence

Utilizing Medical Records as Real-World Evidence

For a Global Pharmaceutical Company


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