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Project Overview

This is an App giving real-time sales data from all sales regions and dealerships to the client US Management. This is integrated with the mainframe applications that consolidate and report the vehicle sales status.

The application is developed in Xamarin and is built for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

About The Client

Our client is a leading global car manufacturing company with a global imprint.

Case Survey

The client required to change the user interface of the application so that real-time sales data from all regions and dealerships can be monitored and managed by the client US management. The client also required to integrate it with the mainframe application that consolidates and reports the vehicle sales status.

Our Solution

Redesigned User Interface

Updated existing UI to modern UI and added new capabilities and features

More informative for sales executives

Statistical display of sales for easy monitoring

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Instant data availability

  • New features added

  • Statistical data display

  • Optimized for performance

Technology Stack

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