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  • smoking cessation app
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Project Overview

The application bridges the gap among Smokers, Doctors, and Researchers in Real-Time, and helps smokers to quit smoking.

Inform: Provides patients with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities, and/or behavior changes.

Consult: Personalized treatment for a patient based on the patient's real-time feedback and analysis of population health data.

Collaborate: Partner with the patient and research communities to identify the preferred solution to affect the outcome.

Empower: Place final decision-making in the hands of the patient and provide the ultimate support system for the patient on a daily basis.

About The Client

Our client is an IT consulting firm passionate about developing services that help overcome poverty, violence, addiction, and other situations that threaten people and society; improve education, health, technology access, and the environment.

Case Survey

  • Links Patient and Doctor
  • Record smoking logs for analysis by doctors
  • Enables family / support members to link to patient for support
  • Platform is extensible for other diseases - Depression, Pain management, cancer

Our Solution

Real-time communication with researchers and caregivers for the patients.

Patients having access to a self-created virtual support community by inviting friends & family, administrated by a health coach.

Tailored daily text messages and Pain, mood, medication tracking for the patients.

A daily journal to log symptoms or any other activities; goal setting and tracking for the patients.

Access to the latest research and news material provided by researchers for the patients.

Comprehensive dashboard to search patients, view, and sort messages from patients based on urgencies for the Doctors/researchers.

Doctors can view a patient's progress and manage library items.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Records patient - entered data logs

  • Patients are altered for data entry at pre-defined times

  • The patient receives media messages from the support community

  • Library of relevant literature

  • Private journal for the patient to record personal experiences

Technology Stack

Digital Footprints

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BLE Beacon Retail App

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