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Project Overview

Objective: Improve the overall user experience with Multimedia streaming of the existing evidence-based digital health platform.

Challenge: Low User Satisfaction due to slow response rate for multimedia.

About The Client

The client delivers a technology solution to both government and commercial customers that help improve the lives of people in the areas of Poverty Alleviation, Education, and Health.

Case Survey

  • Evidence-based digital health platform, targeting Smoking Cessation, with backend - Amazon Server, Front End: Android OS.
  • HIPAA compliant server and application required encrypted Database and SSL for securing protected health information

Our Solution

Leveraged Cloud-based solution for storing the multimedia files – S3

Use content distribution network for downloading the multimedia to the mobile users – CDN

Transcoding the multimedia files into streaming multimedia solution

Mobile Backend Server hosted on AWS EC2.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Clustered Database (PostgreSQL) solution using RDS

  • Fast Upload of Media using S3 Accelerator

  • Enhanced User Experience

  • Stream conversion (Elastic Transcoder) using Serverless function

  • HIPAA Compliant Server and Application

Technology Stack

Latest Case Study

Migrating Web Applications to AWS for HR Application

Migrating Web Applications to AWS for HR Application

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Migrating Order Mgmt. to Cloud

Migrating Order Mgmt. to Cloud

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