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Today's organizations are moving towards an increasingly complex application landscape. To thrive in such an environment, assuring top-notch quality is of upmost importance. There is no question that testing has come a long way in a short span of time. Driven by newer technologies and methodologies, organizations demand more. This, in turn, requires organizations be more agile, flexible, and have greater maturity in their QA functions.

InterraIT's quality assurance and testing services offer reduced business IT risk, decreased overall cost of testing, and faster go-to-market capabilities with personal client services and protection of the client's brand reputation. We employ a wide range of industry-standard innovative testing tools to provide your organization with superior software quality, reduced risk, enhanced business value, and greater competitive advantage.

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InterraIT – Our QA Testing Services


Mobile Testing

Our rigorous mobile testing will help raise the bar of our client’s mobile application user experience with efficiency and reduced cost.
Our mobile app testing provides high quality
QA testing across multiple devices.
Our on demand mobile test lab provides real time network and carrier bandwidths through which performances are assessed.
We offer a wide range of mobile testing services to include cross device certification, mobile performance and security testing, and mobile test automation.

Test Automation and Optimization

InterraIT’s test automation solution empowers your organization to reach the market at a faster rate – at the same time, reducing cost and overall QA effort.
Our test automation solutions entail: - regression test automation, automation framework implementation, and managed test optimization.


Application Security Testing

It is estimated that by 2019, the application security testing market will close to US $5 billion.
Our security testing services provides guaranteed security assurance, allowing organizations to
function in a secure and safe manner.
We provide the following services: - unified threat management, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and on demand security testing.

Performance Testing and Re-engineering

Performance testing and re-engineering entails reworking the business processes when the system fails to meet its performance goals.
Our performance testing solutions help our customers launch applications with high responsiveness, agility, and scalability.
Our services include load testing and capacity planning, performance monitoring and analysis, and performance re-engineering.

Specialized Testing

Through our specialized testing services, we can help our client’s extend an edge over their competitors.
We offer specialized and niche testing services to include: cloud migration testing,
ERP implementation, legacy modernization, and SOA testing.


Enterprise Testing and QA

Quality is of upmost importance and there’s no substitute for it. At InterraIT, we assure that with our enterprise testing and QA services, quality serves as the foundation for your business and
development processes.We offer the following enterprise testing and QA services:- application portfolio quality management, functional and non functional quality governance, and CIO quality dashboards.


Today's organizations are moving towards an increasingly complex application landscape. To thrive in such an environment, assuring top-notch quality is of utmost importance...
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Case Study

A test automation framework was developed using Selenium grid over Docker for running end-to-end tests against the client’s customer portal (Liferay 6.2).


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Client Testimonial

What a fantastic accomplishment you guys put together for us for the loyalty kiosk application. As I have mentioned before, you guys simply amaze me with your talent, dedication, and work ethic. It is very rare to find such a team that can accomplish great things time and time again…even in the face of tough adversity. I appreciate that you guys are always there and can always be counted on’.

Chad Smith - Director – IT, United Supermarkets



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