Monday, February 22, 2016

There’s an immediate need to foster entrepreneurship| Asoke K Laha, MD, Interra IT



Monday, Feb 22,2016 -


He is keeping a close tab on the run-up to the US Presidential polls, and at the same time taking a trip down memory lane, leafing through the pages of JhumpaLahiri’s novel- “The Lowland’, which is based on 1970’s Calcutta, Presidency College and Jadavpur University, two of his alma maters. Make no mistake, he is not just doing that. Asoke K Laha, founder-CEO and managing director of San Jose-headquartered Interra Information Technologies, a global software services organization that delivers innovative business and technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, is traveling almost 15 days a month, exploring ways of spreading InterraIT’s wings. The mid-sized IT services company, now has operations across six countries- the US, Canada, the UK, India, Japan and Netherlands.

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