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  • Toastmasters International CEO Daniel Rex
    keynote address at InterraIT Noida Campus
    Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017
In a special event held on November 06, 2017 at its Noida office, InterraIT hosted Toastmasters International CEO Daniel Rex for an Open house interaction with media, Toastmasters & employees. In the open house session, Toastmasters International WHQ Chief Daniel Rex shared stage with InterraIT's Founder & CEO Asoke Laha, with District 41 Director Pallav Verma, DTM being the 3rd panelist. Preceding the open house session, was a keynote address by Mr. Rex to an audience of over 70 attendees that also included several district officers & members from as many as 10 different Toastmasters Clubs.

The Open House session started with an address by the only corporate dignitary InterraIT's CEO Asoke Laha who shared his thoughts about dramatic change in the industry, where today, it’s your ability and not your resume or years of experience that count while you get appraised. Agility & ownership are important factors too. Talking about success at work, Mr. Laha added -"What is it that takes to be there (up in the ladder)? Communication & Work Ethic are the two most important things".

The audience, then had the privilege of listening to TI CEO Daniel Rex, who delivered a keynote titled “The Toastmasters Journey”, where through interactive conversation with members in the audience, he spoke about how Toastmasters platform can be used to grow as a person and also succeed at work. Mr. Rex said “Toastmasters is a progressive learning forum to develop communication & leadership skills. Just as most of our muscles need commitment over time and persistence to enable them to grow, Communication is absolutely a muscle that must be strengthened through practice. The Toastmasters International CEO cautioned people to learn how to manage disappointment positively rather than to crib & complain about it & get poisoned, as it is that poison that could exclude them from future opportunities.”

During the session, District Director Pallav Verma shared with the audience his own Toastmasters leadership journey as to how he got initiated into it through a responsibility that was given to him, something that he was initially reluctant to accept. Mr. Verma said “If I could do it, I am sure all of you can do it” .

Responding to a query about not having time to invest for Toastmasters, Daniel Rex said “Toastmasters is an incredibly cost effective way to build skills that will make you more money and help your career. Choose to do it. Don’t choose to do it. That’s up to you. But Toastmasters is right there for you & you have the time”.

The Open house was moderated by InterraIT Toastmasters Club SPOC Pinaki Das and the Leaders on the dais answered diverse questions related to the theme “How Toastmasters transforms people & organizations”. On behalf of InterraIT, Pinaki Das delivered a formal Vote of Thanks, after which Daniel Rex presented him with an outstanding member pin for his support for Toastmasters.

From the host club, InterraIT, 3 present & past District officers – District Administration Manager Pinaki Das, Area Director Ela Jha & past Area Director Swati De – attended the sessions in addition to other members & employees.

InterraIT CEO Mr. Laha, accompanied by CTO Souvanik Sarkar, also had a separate courtesy meeting with Mr. Rex, where among other things, they discussed Toastmasters & InterraIT.
The program was highly appreciated by the Toastmasters dignitaries & attendees from the various clubs.

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