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  • up-gradation of level-II automation system
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Project Overview

Steel Plant is equipped with Process Control VAX Computers at Level-2 and Level-3 Automation levels, which are being used to control the Steel making process to achieve the target bath chemistry and temperature before tapping. Level-2 automation system comprises of Process management system consisting of real-time Process Control Computer System with peripherals and system & application software and communication software. Steel melting shop is presently equipped with VAX-3300/3800 Computer systems with VMS operating system at Level-II & Level-III. In order to retain/maintain quality of casting and introduce applications to improve upon the present operational practices wherever feasible, it is proposed to replace the existing L-2/L-3 computer systems with RISC/EPIC based computer servers along with the latest software compatible with the offered hardware, with the features available in the present system and any other additional features to improve operational practices.

About The Client

Our client is the largest steel-making company in India.

Case Survey

The Customer required to upgrade a Level -II Automated system for better quality and productivity.

Our Solution

We have migrated all the VAX/VMS code from FORTRAN to C#.

We have designed and developed all the UI.

We have migrated all the data from the file-based system to oracle database.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Enabled process management system

  • Replaced existing L2/L3 systems with RISC / epic based computer servers

  • Inheriting additional features to improve operational practices

  • Migrated all the VAX/VMS code from FORTRAN to C#

  • Designed and developed all the UI

  • Migrated all the data from the file-based system to oracle database

Technology Stack

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