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A Monthly Webinar Series

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How Design Thinking can accelerate your Digital Innovation

Date : Wednesday, May 26th

Time : 10 am EDT/ 4 pm CEST/ 7:30 pm IST

Speaker Profile

Edgar started his career as a software engineer, delivering mission critical software applications. After completing his MBA International Management and Marketing he pursued his ambitions to make technology more accessible and easier to use in everyday life.

As the CEO for one of the leading digital agencies during the turn of the century he integrated working processes from the creative industry with those of the software sector. In the following years as a freelance interim manager, he lead companies hands-on to upgrade their value proposition and become more profitable.

Edgars shaped and perfectioned his views and insights over time on how to develop successful digital solutions that are easy to use and above all provide a measurable business impact. He calls this Kite Thinking™.

Edgar Kiwiet

CEO Innovation Kite

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